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Persist PAF 16oz

Persist PAF 16oz

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Persist PAF is made from pistachio shells and is a liquid plant enhancer. As a liquid agent, it is designed to help breakdown minerals into nutrient form, so they are more available to be absorbed and used by plants. This added uptake of nutrients helps enhance plant growth, especially root mass which in turn makes for stronger more vibrant plants. Recent research of this type of liquid plant enhancer can also be beneficial in aiding plant immunity and preventing root-rot. It is an all-natural, biodegradable and non-toxic liquid used in agriculture in both Asia and US and is considered a good option for organic farming. As a growing number of agronomists are recognizing the benefits of this type of liquid plant enhancer, and with the skyrocketing cost of chemical fertilizers, many growers are turning to this all-natural low-cost solution.


Persist PAF is a plant growth enhancer comprised of organic acids & other biomolecules. Sourced from pistachio shells

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