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Persist Biochar 2 lbs (3 Qt)

Persist Biochar 2 lbs (3 Qt)

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Persist Biochar soil enhancer utilizes a “Capture”, “Grow” & “Produce” approach to help create lush and vibrant plant-life. We focus on improving the quality of the soil using our premium biochar mix that captures and holds moisture and plant nutrients in the root zone to help plants grow stronger root systems, stems and branches and that results in producing increased yields. The higher quality of your soil, the higher quality of results you will see. Completely 100% all-natural guarantees a healthier approach toward gardening and helping the environment*.

  • IMPROVES SOIL QUALITY - Naturally enhances the structure and water-holding capacity of all types of planting soil and potting mixes
  • RETAINS WATER - Retains water in soil up so you can use less water in growing your plants
  • STRONGER PLANT ROOTS - Promotes beneficial soil microbes, creating a stronger, healthier root zone environment for all types of plants
  • HELPS INCREASE PLANT YIELDS - Helps reduce leaching of valuable water and nutrients from the soil, so plants have valuable food to thrive
  • EASY TO USE - Simply mix 1 part Persist to 6 parts soil mix

* Every pound of Persist-Biochar placed in the soil sequesters up to 10lbs of converted atmospheric carbon, lowering GHGs to help reverse climate change.

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