What is PERSIST?

Persist was established as an environmentally friendly brand by VGrid Energy Systems, Inc. to help develop, market, and sell its negative carbon products for soil and plant growth enhancement. These products are derived from VGrid’s clean energy process that converts captured atmospheric carbon (CO2), into clean energy. The goal is to make a line of high-quality products that would provide an opportunity for individuals to help fight climate change by buying and using negative carbon products.


What does the NCP stand for in PersistNCP.com

NCP stands for Negative Carbon Products (NCPs). A negative carbon product is one where the lifecycle of the product results in a lower net carbon footprint. Fossil Fuels are considered carbon positive because they are putting 100% of their carbon into the atmosphere when used. While wind and solar do not emit carbon they also do not remove carbon from the atmosphere either, which makes them carbon neutral. Carbon Negative Products are those products that net-reduce carbon (CO2) from the atmosphere.  100% of the carbon, in Persist line of products, is captured atmospheric-CO2.


Who is VGrid Energy Systems Inc.?

VGrid Energy Systems is a startup clean energy company that has spent 20 million over the past 10 years developing a bioserver technology that uses nature’s natural carbon cycle to convert captured atmospheric carbon (CO2) from agricultural waste into clean energy. The bioserver technology is a high-temp, low oxygen process that creates syngas that power generators to produce electricity in addition to making Persist Biochar and Persist PAF.