Persist™ Premium Biochar

Persist™ biochar holds more water and nutrients in the soil to help rebuild the soil and make it drought-resistant to allow plants to thrive. Persist is available to be purchased in both retail and bulk

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Persist™ PAF

Persist™ PAF is a liquid plant and soil enhancer that improves fertilizer uptake by plants while naturally boosting soil biology.

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Persist PAF Products


If we stop fossil fuel emissions tomorrow, global temperatures will still rise significantly. There's simply too much CO2 in atmosphere. Recent studies suggest up to 10 gigatons globally must be sequestered by 2050 to prevent catastrophic climate impact. Every ton of Persist™ biochar removes as much as ten tons of atmospheric CO2, the equivalent emissions of two typical passenger vehicles per year. Climate experts estimate that biochar alone could address as much as 40% of the needed carbon removal, while simultaneously mitigating other environmental issues. NCP stands for Negative Carbon Product. PersistNCP means all the Persist line of products come from a clean energy process and contain captured atmospheric carbon that is sequestered and beneficial for soil remediation helping plants to grow while helping revese the affects of climate change.

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